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Gary Claven and Donovan Grey are an integral part of the Coral Beach Estate (CBE) team and are your “go to guys” when you need to ask, discuss or find out more about the exclusive Coral Beach lifestyle. We sat them down and asked them a few questions about where they come from and how they got to become such an important part of the Coral Beach team.

CBE: Thanks for joining us guys, we know that you are busy and we appreciate you finding the time to speak to us. The first question is for you Gary, we were wondering, have you always been in property development, because you seem well suited to this industry?

Gary: I’ve always had a passion for property, but no I have not always been in the business. I spent the first 13 years of my working life in the international leather and textile industry. It was only after that that I realised that my true interest lay in property and after selling my shares in the company I worked for I invested in a Rawson Property Franchise in 2005. I built this up over the next few years and by 2009 it was the largest single area franchisee in the Western Cape. I then sold the franchise and have not looked back since.

CBE: And you Donovan? Where does your background in property development come from?

Donovan: I’ve been in the property business since 1990, so this industry has been in my blood my entire working career. During that time I have started my own business, helped to establish suburbs such as Parklands in the Western Cape and developed areas near Big Bay to the value of ninety five million Rand.

CBE: Wow, so you guys carry some serious clout in the property business! Is this why you got involved with Coral Beach Estate?

Gary: Don and I have known each other for some time and in September of this year (2013) we, along with two other partners, signed with Jawitz Properties and helped establish Jawitz Projects. This allowed us to launch consolidated initiatives here in Coral Beach as well as two new property development projects in Paarl. All in all we are currently developing something like 3500 homes, which is a very significant number.

CBE: So in essence you and Don have played a big part in the South African property industry over the past few years?

Donovan: Indeed we have! In fact between the two of us we have sold developments in excess of R38 Billion and are still going strong!

CBE: And what of the future? What do you have planned for us here at Coral Beach Estate?

Gary: We’ve got a number of big plans to help introduce the people of East London and South Africa to our new secure beachfront estate development. This includes a competition that will see one lucky Ocean Homes homeowner winning the cash value of their home back, which essentially means that someone could win up to R1 595 000 (the current price of a Coral Beach triple storey double garage home) back in cash. Any Ocean Homes homeowner can win, so with only 89 units available this gives a person a 1 in 89 chance of winning. Very good odds indeed in my opinion!

CBE: Thanks Gary and Donovan, we can see that your phone is literally ringing off the hook and with more than 50% of the properties in phase one already sold we better let you get back to it.

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Keep an eye out next month for more “up close and personal” information from the Coral Beach Estate team members.

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