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What Would You Do With An Extra Hour A Day?

A good question and one that is easily answered if you were living in Coral Beach, because thanks to the lack of congestion on the daily commute residents can get more time to do the things they want with the travel time that they save.

With a five day working week being the norm in South Africa, one hour a day saved equals five hours a week. This time can be put to good use by simply taking the dogs for a walk, playing with the kids or simply catching up on chores around the house. But what if these five hours could all be rolled into one amazing family day? What would you do with the time? This question got us thinking, so we sent out a few of the Coral Beach Estate team members to literally “take five” and go and find out exactly what there is to do in East London.

Things to do in East London:

Visit Nahoon Beach

Thanks to its natural beauty and proximity to the warm Indian Ocean, East London is home to some of South Africa’s most amazing beaches and surf spots. Nahoon Beach is one such place and offers sun, sand, big wave fun and fly fishing in the estuary.

You will find Nahoon Beach in Nahoon, East London.

Go to the Ann Bryant Art Gallery

Arts and culture have always been a big part of East London’s history and with place such as the Ann Bryant Art Gallery still attracting tourists from around the globe this tradition is sure to continue well into the future. The building that houses the gallery was erected in 1905 and officially opened to the public as an art gallery in 1947. Since then it has played host to a number of prominent Eastern Cape artists and has helped to increase the aesthetic awareness and understanding of the artistic diversity of the area.

Some of the artwork on display at the Ann Bryant Gallery includes work by:

  • Norman Catherine
  • Judith Mason
  • Walter Battiss
  • Sydney Carter
  • George Pemba
  • John Maufangejo
  • Cyprian Shilakoe
  • Willie Bester.

The gallery also plays host to a quaint coffee shop where gallery guests can enjoy both a cup of tea and a light meal.

You will find the gallery at 9 St Marks Road, East London.

Spend time at the East London Zoo

The internationally renowned East London Zoo houses about 50 mammal species at any given time, including white lions and chimpanzees. It is also home to a striking mix of indigenous and exotic vegetation as well as a variety of birds, fish and reptiles. There is also a children’s playground that offers younger visitors the chance to enjoy pony rides and a “Smarties Train”.

The East London Zoo can be found in the Queens Park Zoological Gardens, close to the city centre.

Experience the East London Museum

Home to the legendary coelacanth! Since 1938 the East London Museum has been world famous thanks to this “missing link” fish with limb-like fins that was caught in the nearby Chalumna River.

The museum also houses a large fossil reptile skull with a skeleton and trace-fossil footprints that have been dated back to 120 000 years ago. Also on display are a dodo’s egg, a live beehive, numerous specimens of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and a number of Eastern Cape cultural collections.

You can find the East London Museum at 319 Oxford Street, East London.

Relax at the East London Aquarium

Opened in 1931, the East London Aquarium is the oldest aquarium in South Africa and offers visitors the chance to relax amongst unique aquatic displays and help with the conservation of East London’s coastline and estuaries.

There is also a breeding colony of endangered African penguins, a shark tank, a rare display of Cape pigmy clawed lobsters and a marine rehabilitation pool that cares for injured sea animals such as:

  • Turtles
  • Seals
  • Dolphins
  • Sea Birds

The aquarium also has a magnificent whale deck, from which visitors can watch bottle-nose dolphins and the annual migration of southern right whales and humped-back whales.

The East London Aquarium can be found at the Aquarium Building, East London.

Enjoy Sport at the Buffalo Park Cricket Grounds

Buffalo Park is East London’s main cricket ground and home turf for the Warriors cricket squad. It often plays host to both limited and test innings cricket games and with a seating capacity of 20 000, it is a regular venue for many sports crazy East Londoners during the warm summer season.

So there you have it! If you had five extra hours to enjoy yourself in every week you would be spoilt for choice in what to do. Remember however, this is by no means a complete list and is simply a few of the things that our team members got to do with their “take five” time.

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