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There can be few places on earth as unexplored and yet as accessible as the Sunshine Coast in East London. Coral Beach Estate is surrounded by the enormous diversity within this beautiful province, with its endless golden beaches, friendly people and all year moderate climates.



Buffalo city (East London)

The Buffalo river is the only river port in South Africa. Running into the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, with its sub-tropical climate,  is a sought after tourist destination for local South Africans and international tourist alike.

East London Airport
Coral beach Estate is only 15 minutes from the Airport. Between 20 and 30 flights land at East London Airport each day with 346,000 people welcomed each year.


There are numerous private specialist clinics and hospital departments which offer first class treatment. Their facilities are modern and the staff is friendly and knowledgeable.


It is a well established fact that East London is some of the best academic and sporting educational institutions in South Africa. View schools here


This area is situated in a predominantly summer rainfall area which varies between 700mm – 900mm per annum. There are however sporadic instances of rainfall in the winter period.


The topography of the site can be described as undulating with the majority of the area forming moderate to steep slopes which almost all extend towards the south east of the site after which they level out forming a gentle drainage basin. This basin extends from the south west boundary to the north east boundary.

A dune system occurs on the adjacent East London Coastal Nature Reserve which lies to the east of the site.


The geology of this area comprises mostly of sedimentary rock of the Balfour Formation, Adelaide Subgroup, Beaufort Group and Karoo Sequence. Rock comprises mostly of mudstone with intercalations of harder sandstone.

Overlying these older units is calcareous sandstone of Aeolian origin plus sandy limestone of the Nanaga Formation of the Algoa Group. These materials are often completely weathered and occur as unconsolidated calcareous silts and sands.
Overlying the older geological units are geologically recent Aeolian windblown dune sands and silt-rich colluvium.




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