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A Nature Lovers Paradise

One of the biggest advantages of living in Coral Beach Estate is the fact that you have free access to the Cove Rock Nature Reserve. This slice of paradise forms part of the greater East London Coast Nature Reserve, which is set between the Great Kei River in the north-east and the Tylomnqa River in the south-west of the city of East London.

Cove Rock Nature Reserve Activities

The close proximity of Cove Rock Nature Reserve allows the residents of Coral Beach Estate to enjoy the natural bounty (and beauty) of the area. Everything from chilling on the stunning beaches to active lifestyle hobbies such as hiking, fishing and biking are catered for and give our residents a daily chance to unwind in one of the most awe inspiring parts of the Eastern Cape Coastline.

Did you know? The East London Coast Nature Reserve, of which Cove Rock is a part, takes up 57% of the 250-kilometre coastline surrounding East London. It is made up of a number of well-known nature parks including:

  • Cape Morgan
  • Double Mouth
  • Cape Henderson
  • Chintsa West
  • Kwelera
  • Nahoon
  • Cove Rock
  • Kidd’s Beach
  • Kayser’s Beach
  • Chalumna
  • Umtiza Forest
  • Fort Pato Forest

Gulu Private Resort

Mere minutes away from Coral Beach estate is the internationally renowned Gulu Private Resort. Winner of a number of tourism awards, including the coveted Most Popular Accommodation in East London Award in 2011. This unique resort on the Sunshine Coast is noted for its breath-taking natural splendour, rustic charm and 320 bird species (including pair of Fish Eagles).

History in the Making

Few people know this, but the area around Coral Beach Estate is the same area in which the prehistoric Coelacanth was found in 1938. This Coelacanth is now on show in the East London Museum.

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